Church History


Digitized Church Periodicals

English-Language Periodicals

The Children’s Friend, 1902-1970

Conference Reports of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1880, 1897–2011

The Contributor, 1879–1896

The Elders’ Journal of the Southern States Mission, 1903–1907 (currently only 1903–1904 are available online)

Elders’ Journal of The Church of Latter Day Saints, 1837–1838

The Ensign, 1971-2020

The Evening and the Morning Star, 1832–1834

The Improvement Era, 1897–1970

The Instructor, 1930–1970

The Juvenile Instructor, 1866–1929

Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate, 1834–1837

The Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star, 1840–1970 (later shortened to Millennial Star)

The Liahona, 1907

Liahona, the Elders’ Journal, 1907–1944

The Relief Society Magazine, 1914–1970

Times and Seasons, 1839–1846

The Young Woman’s Journal, 1889–1929


Other Language Periodicals

Many of these were renamed Liahona as they became official international magazines of the Church.

L’Étoile (French), 1928–2010

A Gaivota (Portuguese), 1948–2010

Te Karere (Maori), 1907–1960 (it briefly had an English-language version named Elders’ Messenger, later renamed to simply The Messenger)

Liahona (Mexico), 1955–2010

Liahona (Spain), 1978–2010 (from 1988–1993 Spain used another Spanish Liahona and printed their own inserts)

Skandinaviens Stjerne (Danish), 1851–2010 (it was also known as Den Danske Stjerne and Stjernen)

De Ster (Dutch), 1896–2010

Der Stern (German), 1869–2010