Hello and Welcome to the Library

by Anya Bybee, Event and Tour Coordinator

“Welcome to the Church History Library. How can we help you?” We are the hosting team at the library, and we want to make sure that your visit is enjoyable and informative. With that goal in mind, the library has been recently renovated to provide more public spaces to hold tours and presentations. The Church History Library currently has four exciting presentations (with more presentations to come) that are given to groups scheduled during open hours. These presentations are given by our wonderful hosting missionaries.

General Tour

The first presentation is our general tour. This tour is given to all walk-in groups, but if you have a large group coming, let us know before you arrive and we can schedule our larger room for you. Come learn about the Church History Library’s purpose, the facility, and the type of records stored in the vaults. Visitors will view a short video called “The Story Lives Here.”

“Witness the Book of Mormon”

The second presentation is “Witness the Book of Mormon.” This presentation has been given to hundreds of youth groups who come for youth conference. In this interactive presentation, you will learn about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and key individuals who were involved.

“I Am a Woman in the Gospel”

The third presentation the Church History Library offers is “I Am a Woman in the Gospel.” This presentation explores some of the significant roles women have played in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from its beginning to present day. Visitors will see and hear stories, narrative accounts, and video presentations of Latter-day Saint women.

“Restoration of the Priesthood”

Lastly, we have our newest presentation, “Restoration of the Priesthood.” During this presentation, you will discover more about the stories of the restoration of the priesthood and learn more about the sacred responsibility of passing the sacrament. Young men will be invited to learn about their priesthood lineage, and priesthood leaders will learn how to exercise their keys in relation to the sacrament.

Every presentation and tour ends with an opportunity to view the Foundations of Faith exhibit, which contains original, foundational documents of the Church.

We invite you to come to the Church History Library to experience and learn about the many stories that continue to live on here in the library. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please click the following link: history.lds.org/article/library-group-tours.