Church History


    Church History Library Reopens

    Planning Your Research

    The Church History Library is excited to announce the reopening of its public research areas after a four-month renovation. Since originally opening in 2009, significant progress has been made in sharing research resources and education opportunities with the public. Recent changes were made to the public areas to improve the experience of visitors and to provide better access to the Library’s collections and services.

    As part of the renovations, a large classroom has been added, in which a variety of presentations will be offered. Topics include:

    • “Witness the Book of Mormon”
    • “I Am a Woman in the Gospel”
    • “Restoration of the Priesthood”

    Visit the Group Tours and Presentations page on the Church History Library website for more information and to schedule an informative and inspiring presentation for your group.

    In addition to on-site resources including the Foundations of Faith exhibit, a wealth of curated information and original records are available online. Here are a few examples:

    Early Mormon Missionaries Database

    In the database “Go Ye into All the World”: Early Mormon Missionaries, search for a name and discover rich information about more than 40,000 missionaries who served during the Church’s first 100 years, from 1830 to 1930.

    Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database

    Explore records and data on more than 57,000 pioneers in nearly 400 wagon and handcart companies. Search for your ancestors by name or company.

    Brigham Young Office Files

    The Brigham Young Office Files contain roughly 15,000 letters between Church members and President Brigham Young between 1844 and 1877.

    Church History Library Catalog

    The Church History Library catalog allows you to search more than 175,000 collections and 8 million digitized images of original manuscripts, journals, documents, and photographs available in Church History Library holdings.

    To learn more about this amazing facility, visit the Church History Library website.