The Trek


    Jens Christian Andersen Weibye

    The Convert Immigrants

    Pioneer Story

    "Some of the emigrants carried the measles with them [from] home which soon spread around all over the ship. . . . Most of the emigrants suffered from diarrhea, . . . which exhausted us a lot. And besides almost all of us lost the taste for the crackers. . . . At the close of the journey we soaked them in cold water or tea water. After 8-12 hours we intended to eat them and they would be soft like a loaf of bread. . . ."

    "They danced on deck almost every day . . . so we had much joy when we don't think about the many deaths from measles. Up to this time 3 grown ups and 43 children have died, almost all of them from measles (Jens Christian Anderson Weibye, Reminiscenses and Journals, Family and Church History Department Archives, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)."