The Trek


    C.C.A. Christensen

    Journal Entry: Iowa City: 1856

    "At the campground we encountered our first trials, in that we had to give up books. . . . We were only allowed to take fifteen pounds in weight for each person who was to travel with the handcarts, and that included our tinware for eating, bedding, and any clothing we did not wish to carry ourselves. . . ."

    "Our train consisted of between thirty and forty handcarts. Each of these had an average of five person. . . . It was usually necessary for small children to ride in the handcart which the father, mother, and older brothers and sisters of the family pulled. . . ."

    "The sick and the blind women [in the group] were allowed to ride in one of our freight wagons, for we had three wagons drawn by mules, which carried our tents ("By Handcart to Utah: The Account of C.C.A. Christensen," Richard L. Jensen, trans., Nebraska History, winter 1985, 337–339)."

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