The Trek


Wilford Woodruff

Journal Entry: Scotts Bluff

"Traveled to Scotts [Bluff] and Elder Alexander Badlam and myself explored Scotts Bluffs from top to bottom for about 10 miles. They had many grand formations of nature. In some places, we rolled off large rocks of near a ton's weight that would go thundering down the mountain and into the vale beneath, levelling the cedars to the earth and starting the wolves from their hiding places as it bounded on its way for half a mile from its starting place."

"After spending several hours of hard labor, though pleasant, among those grand, lofty ruins or bluffs, we left them and returned to camp. We passed Burdoe's trading post. He enquired for me but I did not see him. Brother Carrier turned his wagon bottom side upwards down a bluff, broke things bad. The Indians tried to raise a stampede among us but did not do it. Traveled 20 miles and camped" (Wilford Woodruff's Journal, 1833-1898, typescript, ed. Scott G. Kenney, 9 vols. [1983], 3:568).

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