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How do I cite items in the Church History Library collections?

The Library has published a citation guide specifically to help patrons and scholars cite Church History Library collections accurately so they will be easier to find by their readers.

How do I get permission from the Church Intellectual Property Office to use a manuscript or image in my publication?

Submit a request to the Church Intellectual Property Office at You should include complete source information. The Intellectual Property Office will respond to your inquiry. This must be done prior to requesting a digital copy of the image from the Church History Library.

It is a good idea to select your images early in your research process. Receiving copyright permissions may take 45 days. It may take two to three weeks after that to receive digital images.

How do I obtain images from the Church History library to use in my publication?

  1. Locate the item in the Church History Library catalog. Click the Suggest Digitization button. If there is a View button or a Browse Collection button instead, click Ask Us to submit a digitization request.
  2. Complete the digitization request form, and attach the approval you received from the Church Intellectual Property Office. To attach a document, select Yes at the bottom of the web form and click Submit to submit your request. You will be able to attach your document on the following screen.

How do I access closed or partially closed collections at the Church History Library?

As is the case with most archival institutions around the world, the Church History Library houses some collections that are not available to the public for a variety of reasons. For more information about why the library limits access to some of its collections, please review our Access Policy. However, patrons may request permission to view materials that are closed or partially closed to research. You may request access to restricted materials by completing a web form that is submitted to our Access Review Committee. On that web form, you must indicate your specific reasons for needing access to the collection and how you will use that information if access is granted. Once the request is submitted, the request is reviewed by the committee, and you will be notified whether or not the request was approved. If it was approved, you may be given temporary access to the collection online or permission to view the collection or portions of the collection at the library.

The web form used to request access to restricted collections is available only through staff members. If you would like to request access to an item in a restricted collection, click the Ask Us button on any page of the catalog to find out how to send your request to the Access Review Committee.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please don’t hesitate to ask us!