The Trek


    Big Mountain

    Distance: 1,279 miles from Nauvoo

    This summit, really just a hill among the surrounding Wasatch mountain peaks, was nevertheless the highest elevation of the entire Mormon Trail, at 8,400 feet.

    Journal Entry

    Courtesy Church History Library and Archives

    William Clayton
    July 1847

    “At eleven o’clock, the teams began to arrive on the dividing ridge and in less than an hour, all were safely up. From this ridge we can see an extensive valley to the west but on every other side high mountains, many of them white with snow.

    “We halted on the ridge a little while and then prepared to descend, many locking both hind wheels, a precaution not at all unnecessary. We found the road down exceedingly steep and rendered dangerous by the many stumps of trees left standing in the road.”

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    Locations along the Trail