The Trek


Norton Jacob

Journal Entry: Winter Quarters

25 November 1846

"The whole Camp of Winter Quarters was divided into two Bishoprics under the direction of the High Council for the purpose of taking care of the poor, which included the wives of those men who volunteered and went into the army last July—about 500 men. This was a measure that seemed to be necessary in order to turn away the jealousy of the general government and secure its protection in some degree to the Saints" (The Record of Norton Jacob, ed. C. Edward Jacob and Ruth S. Jacob, Family and Church History Department Library, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, [n.d.], 29).

6 April 1847

"The anniversary of the rise and organization of the Church. A special conference was held in Winter Quarters, Brother John Smith presiding. Brother Brigham addressed the congregation a short time, said that on the morrow he intended to start on his journey west, then proposed that [the] conference proceed to do its business."

7 April 1847

"About noon I left my family and started on the great expedition with the pioneers to the West. President B[righam] Young and his teams started at the same time. We also had the cannon along, a 6-pounder. We traveled about 10 miles on the divide up the river and camped about sunset near a small grove in a hollow, where we were somewhat shielded from the north wind which was very cold" (The Record of Norton Jacob, 29, 32).

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