The Trek


C.C.A. Christensen

Journal Entry: Chimney Rock

"Our costumes would look fine at one of our so-called 'Hard Times Balls.' Our hats . . . assumed the most grotesque shapes. . . . Ladies' skirts and the men's trousers hung in irregular trimmings. . . . The ladies [were not] particular about whether their skirts could hide their poor footwear, if indeed they were well enough off to own a pair of shoes. . . .

A very old man, who had completely lost his sense of smell, came into camp one day, after the rest of us had things somewhat in order, with a skunk which he counted on cooking for soup. This almost made the rest of us leave. He had killed it with his cane and knew nothing about its peculiar means of defense" ("By Handcart to Utah: The Account of C.C.A. Christensen," Richard L. Jensen, trans., Nebraska History, Winter 1985, 342).

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