The Trek


William Thompson

Journal Entry: Chimney Rock

"The camps moved off at nine o'clock, President Kimball's company taking the lead. Stopt at noon to water & feed six miles west of Chimney Rock. As we come forward President Brigham Young's camp moved off & part of Brother Snow's company commenced crossing the river at this point. President H.C. Kimball's company commenced a little past 5 and crost one hundred & eighty wagons to dark; all safe, except one wagon of Brother Howard Egan tipt partially over on the side; nothing injured; a few things wet.

This ford was considered one mile across. We generally had to put on the strength of three wagons as the fellows of each wagon generaly burried themselves in gravel & sand. We found our corells on the south bank of the main Platt & set out our guards as usual. No wood; poor grass; plenty of muddy water (Journal of William Thompson, 17 July 1848, as reprinted in the Journal History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 24 Sep. 1848, 70:33–34).

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