The Trek


Elizabeth Sermon

Journal Entry: Devils Gate

"Many cruel and painful things happening, the dying and dear ones all around us, poor souls, would sit down by the roadside and would never move again until carried into camp on handcarts by someone. It is a wonder any of us lived through it. My husband's health still failing, a young woman by the name of Caroline Marchant assisted me with the cart.

. . . Not far from here [Devil's Gate] the Captain called us together to tell us we must lay our bodies down. Were we willing to do so for the Gospel's sake? Many poor half-starved men shouted with what remaining strength they had, 'Aye.' But mothers could not say that and were quiet. We went back to our tents, food would have suited us then. My faith was in my Heavenly Father. I never lost that faith in Him. It is as sweet today to trust and my prayer is, may I always trust Him. He is a friend that has never failed" (as quoted in Journal of the Trail, ed. Stwart E. Glzier and Robert S. Clark, [1997], 104).

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