The Trek


William I. Appleby

Journal Entry: Echo Canyon

"Moved early. Soon met a number of brethren from the Valley bound for the States, with teams, some for transporting goods, etc. from the States to the Valley. Bishop Hunter was among them, on his way with means to gather up the poor from Iowa, etc. to bring on to the Valley next year. Kinkade of the firm of Livingston and Co., at Salt Lake City, was also along with them on his way to St. Louis, Mo., to purchase goods for the Valley. Among the number bound for the States, I recognized, besides Brother Hunter, Jedediah M. Grant, Edwin D. Woolley, Abraham O. Smoot, etc.

Soon after we met Brothers John Taylor, Erastus Snow, Lorenzo Snow and Franklin D. Richards of the Twelve, and Brothers John Pack, Green, Joseph Toronto, etc. bound on missions to different parts of the world, viz. to Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, France, Italy, etc.

Another company of Elders had left the Valley for San Francisco, California, Sandwich Islands, etc. These last brethren we met addressed us a short time each. We bid them farewell with hearts full of love and blessings and left them and they us and each pursued on our journey. We traveled some ten miles, passed out of Echo Canyon, down Weber river, crossed over the same, and camped near the ford, being about forty miles from Great Salt lake City. Day beautiful and warm."

(William I. Appleby, Journal, 23 October 1849, as printed in the Journal History, 29 October 1849, HDC.)

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