The Trek


William Clayton

Journal Entry: Emigration Canyon: Donner Hill

Courtesy Church History Library and Archives

June 23, 1847, Cottonwood Creek

"After breakfast I went to the top of a high bluff expecting to get a view of the country west but was disappointed in consequence of the many ridges or bluffs but a little distance beyond us. At seven o'clock the camp moved forward and immediately after was a graveyard on the left of the road with a board stuck up with these words written upon it: 'Matilda Crowley. Born July 16th, 1830, and Died July 7, 1846.'

"On reflecting afterward that some of the numerous emigrants who had probably started with a view to spend the remainder of their days in the wild Oregon, had fallen by the way and their remains had to be left by their friends far from the place of destination, I felt a renewed anxiety that the Lord will kindly preserve the lives of all my family . . . rather than be left far away in a wild country."

(Stewart E. Glazier, ed., Journal of the Trail [Salt Lake City, Utah: 1996], 87.)

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