The Trek


Wilford Woodruff

Journal Entry: Fort Kearny


"It took us several hours to gather our cattle. We started about 10 o’clock and traveled 12 miles and camped with both divisions in one corral for the Sabbath, on the banks of the Platte 10 miles east of Fort Kearney."

15 July 1850

"I visited the fort. During the evening we were visited with a terrible thunder storm. The lightning struck all around us and while the teams were crossing a slough the lightning burst into their midst and shocked many persons and beast[s] and killed three oxen and one man dead. It was Bro. Ridge from Lane[s] End, Staffordshire, England, that was killed and his team. He was buried in the evening. He belonged to Elder Whipple’s 50" (Wilford Woodruff's Journals, 1833–1898, typescript, ed. Scott G. Kenney, 9 vols. [1993], 3:561; spelling and punctuation modernized).

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