The Trek


John Chislett

Journal Entry: Fort Laramie


"We reached [Fort] Laramie about the 1st or 2nd of September, but the provisions, etc., which we expected, were not there for us. Captain Willie called a meeting to take into consideration our circumstances, conditions, and prospects, and to see what could be done. It was ascertained that at our present rate of travel and consumption of flour the latter would be exhausted when we were about three hundred and fifty miles from our destination. It was resolved to reduce our allowance from one pound to three-quarters of a pound per day, and at the same time to make every effort in our power to travel faster. We continued this rate of rations from Laramie to Independence Rock (John Chisltett, as quoted in LeRoy R. Hafen and Ann W. Hafen, Handcarts to Zion:The Story of a Unique Western Migration, 1856–1860, [1960], 101).

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