The Trek


William I. Appleby

Journal Entry: Fort Laramie

"Traveled about fifteen miles. Passed some traders' encampment, stopped a short time at noon, set three wagon tires, and encamped about two miles beyond Fort Laramie. During the day we passed the graves of three gold diggers, all from the state of Missouri, we believe. The wolves had disenterred one. Stoves, broken ploughs, pieces of wagons, iron, etc., lies strewn along the roads. I visited the Fort the following morning, purchased twenty-eight pounds of bacon at ten cents per pound and carried the same on my back to camp, some two miles" (Journal of William I. Appleby, 5 Sep. 1849, as reprinted in the Journal History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 27 Oct. 1849, 77:13).

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