The Trek


Allen Joseph Stout

Journal Entry: Garden Grove

"So we kept rolling on from place to place through the mud until the 27th [of April] when we pitched our tents in a beautiful grove of timber where we began to make a farm. This place was called Garden Grove. Here it was determined by the council that those who were out of provisions should stop and raise a crop.

"About these times the rattle snakes bit a good many of our animals, and there was a great exposure the Saints were forced to under go. There one of Hoseas boys died. There was great want of bread in camp, so that we were oppressed on every hand; but we cried to the Lord, who heard our prayers, and we were fed by his all bountiful hands; but some showed out their evil hearts by their mean mutterings and selfishness" (Autobiography of Allen Joseph Stout, 1846, Miscellaneous Mormon Diaries, vol. 17, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, 24-25).

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