The Trek


The Camp of Israel

Journal Entry: Garden Grove

"This is the 'title and address,' which has been adopted by the company of Mormons now on their way Westward.

A mail carrier arrived here on Monday last from the Camp, and reported the pioneer party, or head of the Column, as having crossed the tributaries of the Chariton, over 150 miles distant. By this time they are probably on the banks of the Missouri.

Thus far, everything has gone favorably, with the exception of the breaking down of a few overladen wagons. The party is in good health and spirits—no dissensions exist and the 'Grand Caravan' moves on slowly but steadily and peacefully. Their progress has been materially retarded by the want of fodder for their live-stock;—the grass not having fairly started, reduced them to the necessity of laboring for the farmers on the route, to supply the deficiency.

"They travel in detached companies, from five to ten miles apart, and, in point of order, resemble a military expedition" ("The 'Camp of Israel,'"Hancock Eagle, 10 Apr. 1946, 3).

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