The Trek


Captain Stansbury, U.S. government surveyor

Journal Entry: Golden Pass Road


Summer 1850

"Followed up Pratts golden pass all day. The ascent is not as steep as I expected, although the road is very crooked.

The valley is very narrow, scarcely affording room for a turbulent little mountain stream which comes rushing down and winding its sinuous course at the base of the mountains on either side Thro' a growth of ceder, oaks, maple, service berry, quaking asp, bitter cottonwood & willows, with a gurgling mu[r]muring sound, which after the dead silence of the sand flats off the lakes and the barren flatness of the sage plains was peculiarly pleasant and refreshing.

Had to unload the wagon thrice & take out a part of the team a dozen times on account of the crookedness of the road."

(As quoted in J. Roderic Korns and Dale L. Morgan, eds., West from Fort Bridger, rev. Will Bagley and Harold Schindler [Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press, 1994], 266.)

Journal photographs courtesy of Infobases, Inc.

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