The Trek


Mary Ann Weston Maughan

Journal Entry: Great Salt Lake Valley Emigration Square


July 18, 1850

"We rose at day break and all are happy because our long journey is so near done. When we came near the city we met Bro. Blackhurst, a friend of Mr. Maughan's. On arriving in the city we soon found many kind friends. We camped in the street in front of Bro. Peart's house. I think this is destined to be a great place. There are stores and houses going up in all directions. We stayed in Salt Lake City one week and enjoyed the Society of our friends.

Then we were counseled to settle in Tooele, 35 miles west of Salt Lake City. This Valley was then being settled. Here I found 2 old friends from England, Bro. and Sister Rowberry, and some of our friends from Nauvoo. Here we camped in tent and wagon on our city lot until we built a nice large double log house. We moved into our house in the middle of November, 1850. I had not eaten or slept in a house since we left our own home in New Diggings, Wisconsin Territory."

(Mary Ann Weston Maughan, Journal, 18 July 1850, HDC.)

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