The Trek


William I. Appleby

Journal Entry: Great Salt Lake Valley—Emigration Square


October 27, 1849

"Continued our journey over the mountains and deep ravines through a canyon. Dangerous and bad roads, upsetting one wagon belonging to the Welsh, breaking one axle. We arrived at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, having traveled about eight miles. From here we had a sight of the Salt Lake and Great Salt Lake City, the latter being within about three miles of us.

Some of the camps stopped at the mouth of the canyon over Sabbath; others, who had friends or relatives residing in the city came in the same evening, while others tarried until Monday or Tuesday following. In viewing the city in all its external bearings and also the surrounding mountains, valleys, etc., I was agreeably disappointed in the pleasantness of the place, the number and quality of the houses, of the productions of the earth, wheat, corn, vegetables, etc.

Industry had extended her hand, and Providence had rewarded the laborers toil. Great demand for labor and good pay; plenty of gold and withal the true religion of Heaven, in which the Saints are rejoicing in faith and works. I feel thankful for my safe arrival at this place of my destination and the protection of Heaven's King over me and my family through all the dangers, difficulties, privations, snares, and deaths I have been delivered through this toilsome and tedious journey.

I acknowledge the hand of my God in it and humbly ask forgiveness for all my follies, sins and imperfections and thank His holy name through Jesus my Redeemer, Amen. Our journey from Winter Quarters has been some 1,030 miles or thereabouts."

(William I. Appleby, Journal, 27 October 1849, as printed in the Journal History, 29 October 1849, HDC.)

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