The Trek


Charles Darwin

Journal Entry: Green River: Lombard Ferry

Darwin describing the Mormon ferrymen at the Green River:

"Four dollars is the charge for wagons & fifty cents for packs & men. tho they do not hesitate to carry any one for nothing who is poor. perfect gentlemen are they, in conversation conduct & entire bearing. they had been several of them in the mines & got gold & now lived at Salt Lake. said that was the nearer way. Many Ladies or such as look to be such were in a company crossing & some looked extremely fascinating. . . . quite a comedy was enacted in my presence by a crowd who had a boat with them & thought to scare by vulgarity & show of crossing themselves the owner of the ferry with their terms. he manfully & kindly resisted. I was glad to see the rascals foiled. I say rascals & their conduct justified the term."

(As quoted in Dale L. Morgan, "The Ferries of the Forty-Niners," Annals of Wyoming [April 1960], 63.)

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