The Trek


Rachel Emma and Wooley Simmons

Journal Entry: Independence Rock

"We heard so much of Independence Rock long before we got there. They said we should have a dance on top of it, as we had many a dance while on the plains. We thought it would be so nice, but when we got there, the company was so small it was given up. We nooned at this place, but Father staid long enough for us children to go all over it. I went with the boys and with Catherine.

It is an immense rock with holes and crevices where the water is dripping cool and sparkling. We saw a great many names of persons that had been cut in the rock, but we were so disappointed in not having a dance.

Our company was so small, and we had not a note of music or a musician. I was told afterwards by some of the girls that we had travelled with that they had a party there, but President Young had all the music with him" ("Journal of Rachel Emma Wooley Simmons," Heart Throbs of the West, Kate B. Carter, comp., 12 vols. [1939–1950], 11:162).

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