The Trek


    Rock Creek

    Distance: 1,048 miles from Nauvoo

    Rescuers helped the members of the Willie handcart company to this small tributary of the Sweetwater River. The exact location of the camp is unclear, as some reminiscent sources refer to this campsite as Willow Creek and others describe it as being actually at the Sweetwater. For many members of the company, the rescuers and their aid came too late, and scores died in the vicinity of Willow Creek and Rock Creek.

    Reminiscent Account

    John Chislett
    October 1856

    “The Weather grew colder each day, and many got their feet so badly frozen that they could not walk, and had to be lifted from place to place. Some got their fingers frozen; others their ears; and one woman lost her sight by the frost. These severities of the weather also increased our number of deaths, so that we buried several each day.”

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