Lighting the World from Temple Square
    In this post, Claire M. Haynie uses library collections to explore the inspiring origin of the Christmas lights on Temple Square and the lasting impact they have on visitors.
    3 December 2019
    Searching for the Hawaii Temple Dedication Photos
    In this post, follow historian and writer Clinton D. Christensen and archivist Brooks Haderlie as they discover the story behind three early photographs of the temple in Laie, Hawaii.
    26 November 2019
    Woman’s Exponent—More Than a Domestic Drudge: Women and Education
    In this ninth installment of our Woman’s Exponent series, Michelle Sayers highlights the importance women placed on education, both for themselves and for their children.
    19 November 2019
    Global Histories
    In this post Ryan Saltzgiver, head of the Global Histories project, describes what he and his team have learned as they have gathered information about the growth of the Church around the world.
    5 November 2019
    Finding My Family in Church History—Mary Matson’s Testimony
    In this second post about family history research at the Church History Library, Diane Matson explores local records that helped her understand her great- grandmother’s long-term commitment to the Church.
    22 October 2019
    Wish You Were Here: The Church History Library Postcard Collection
    In this post, library cataloger LeChele Gishi highlights a special project focused on gathering and digitizing the library’s vast collection of postcards. She also discusses how postcards can be a valuable research tool.
    15 October 2019
    Woman’s Exponent—Acting with Authority
    In the eighth post of the Woman’s Exponent series, Anne Berryhill explores how women shared their connection to the priesthood within the pages of the paper.
    1 October 2019
    Woman’s Exponent—The Great Debate: Editorials and Opposing Views
    In the seventh post in the Woman’s Exponent series, Jen Barkdull explores the way women used the editorial feature of the newspaper to communicate, share their faith and feelings, and even disagree from time to time.
    24 September 2019
    General Conference—“Carried by Some Miraculous Power”
    In this post, conference historian Christine Marin shares the story of how the messages of general conference were relayed to a growing Church through the years.
    10 September 2019
    Researching the Year President Nelson Was Born
    In this post celebrating the birth of President Russell M. Nelson, gain a greater understanding of the Church in 1924, and learn how to research a moment in time through resources found at the Church History Library.
    3 September 2019