The Power of Place
    This post explores a digital photograph collection containing thousands of images taken by Kenneth Mays, documenting historic sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world.
    20 August 2019
    Finding My Family in Church History—Something from Margaret
    In this post, the first in a new series, Church History Library intern Sarah Cordon describes how she found information about her ancestors in library collections.
    13 August 2019
    Woman’s Exponent—Pioneer Day!
    In the fifth post of the Woman’s Exponent series, Emily Crumpton describes how women used the magazine to honor the pioneers and to report on Pioneer Day celebrations near and far.
    23 July 2019
    Ask Us
    In this post, James MacDonald guides you through the library’s reference and consultation services and explains how it could help with your research
    16 July 2019
    Musical Missionaries
    In this post, archivist Michelle Sayers tells the story of missionary musical groups using research from the Church History Library’s collections.
    9 July 2019
    Early Missionaries Who Circumnavigated the Globe
    In this post, Korben McBride highlights the perilous sea journeys of early Latter-day Saint missionaries as recounted in journals and other collections held in the library.
    3 July 2019
    Woman’s Exponent—Daughters of Zion: Female Biographical Narratives
    In the fourth installment of the Woman’s Exponent series, Anne Berryhill highlights the personal stories women shared through biographies, tributes, and reminiscences.
    27 June 2019
    Ten Years in a Fabulous Facility
    In this post, library director Keith Erekson describes some of the benefits of the Church History Library building on its 10-year anniversary.
    18 June 2019
    A Day for Prayer
    In this post, military historian Alison White emphasizes the importance of prayer on D-Day, commemorating 75 years since the historic invasion that changed the course of WWII.
    6 June 2019
    Woman’s Exponent—Poetry Proponent
    This third installment of the Woman’s Exponent series explores the significance and the beauty of the poetry published in the magazine.
    28 May 2019