Abby Jane Weldon

The 1850 Iowa census taken on 10 September 1850 shows her name as "Aby Humphreys."  She was a widow.  The first documentation to place her in Utah is her marriage to Joseph Knight in Salt Lake City on 5 April 1852.  This was prior to the arrival of that season's emigration, proving that she came to Utah in 1851.  Abby and her son George may have come to Utah with her daughter Sarah Ann Scott in the 1851 Morris Phelps company, but further research is needed to confirm this. Further research is needed to confirm the name of the pioneer company with which they traveled to Utah.

The 1880 Utah census shows her name as "Abby Scott."

The inscription on her gravestone shows her name as "Abby Weldon Roe," and it confirms her birth and death dates.  

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