Adeline Johnson

Alternate Names
Adeline Butterfield (Birth Name)
Adeline Knight (Married Name)
Adeline Montague (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1830 May 21 (Born)
Death Date
Unknown (Died)
Adeline married Isaac Butterfield in Carthage, Illinois, on 19 April 1846, and then married Joseph Knight, Jr. in Winter Quarters, Nebraska on 19 November 1847.  They were divorced in Utah on 1 December 1851.  She then married Levi West Montague in Salt Lake City on 30 July 1854.  We have not been able to locate any additional information regarding her.  
From family histories of Joseph Knight, Jr. on FamilySearch, family tradition says that Joseph Knight was asked to marry Adeline Johnson and Abbie Weldon as plural wives to provide temporal support for these "single" women.  We do not find a death date for Adeline's first husband, Isaac Butterfield, so she was probably a young widow.  It is likely that Joseph Knight brought Adeline to Utah with him in the 1850 Benjamin Hawkins pioneer company.
The Illinois Marriages record of her marriage to Isaac Butterfield shows her name as "Adaline Johnson."
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