Agnes Mary Melinda Josephine White (1842 - 1911) Profile

Agnes Mary Melinda Josephine White

Her name is listed as Agnes Mary Melinda Josephine Wyche on church membership records, Mary Melinda Josephine White on Franklin Ward Records and Agnes Mary White on Family Tree.  The pioneer company roster lists her as J. White. Other documents show her surname as Wyche, Wight, Withs, Witch, and Wilch.  In the 1850 Utah census, she is living with the Edward Phillips family, and her name is Mary M. Wilch.  The Franklin Ward records show her name as Mary Malinda Josephine White. 

Many hours have been spent by her descendants in researching her name. Mary was never sure of her own age. Family stories say her mother died before she left England and that she came with a brother and her father, who was supposed to have died at sea. The research indicates that she is most likely Mary A. Entwistle. There is a Mary A. Entwistle, age 7, traveling alone on the ship Ashland -1849, with no parent. No adult died on the ship.

Some of the same people on her ship are also listed in the same wagon train that arrived in Kaysville, Utah in time for Mary to be listed on the 1850 census as age 12. A couple that was on the ship with Mary A. Entwistle was John and Mary White. John White, she later listed as her father on the temple records. Further investigation will be needed. 

Her death certificate can be found under the name Mary Agnes Hawkes, and the 1900 Utah Census shows her as Agnus M. Hawks.  The 1860 Utah census has her listed as Mary M. Hawks.  

Her birth year is confirmed by the inscription on her gravestone, and her death date is confirmed by her death certificate.

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Agnes Mary Melinda Josephine White (1842 - 1911) Profile
Agnes Mary Melinda Josephine White (1842 - 1911) Profile