agnes sneddon (1839 - 1921) Profile

agnes sneddon

Agnes Sneddon and her family sailed to America in 1852 on the ship Kennebec.  She married Peter Allen 1856 in Missouri.  He died 1864 in Illinois. 

Evidence from genealogical records proves that Agnes Allen and her children traveled to Utah sometime between 1865 to 1868. Further research is needed to determine the year they came to Utah and the name of the company they traveled with.

Birth date is confirmed by her death certificate and Find A Grave website. Her surname is Allen on the 1860 Missouri census and "Adamson" on the 1870 Utah census, Find A Grave website and her death certificate.  She married Thomas Cunningham Adamson November 1869.

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agnes sneddon (1839 - 1921) Profile
agnes sneddon (1839 - 1921) Profile