Alexander Wilkins (1835 - 1902) Profile

Alexander Wilkins

Evidence from census, the obituary of John Gandsworth Wilkins, and newspaper records proves the Wilkins family traveled to Utah in 1851. They appear in the Iowa census in 1850 (taken in October). First documentation to place them in Utah is the rebaptism of John G. Wilkins in the Utah Stake City Ward on 1 January 1852. Further research is needed to determine the name of the company they traveled with.

Various sources list the family's arrival in Utah from 1849-1851.  The "Alexander Wilkins Autobiography" included on his FamilyTree "Memories" says, "We left in the spring of 1850 and arrived in Provo City the same fall having been on the plains four months."  Either he remembered the year incorrectly, or it there was an error in the typed transcription because the family is definitely included in the 1850 Iowa census which was taken 4 October 1850.  Their names do not appear in the 1850 Utah census, which was taken in the Spring of 1851.


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Alexander Wilkins (1835 - 1902) Profile
Alexander Wilkins (1835 - 1902) Profile