Alfred Greenwood Keetch

Birth Date
On 1840 January 3 (Born)
Death Date
On 1925 July 27 (Died)

The family sailed to America in 1856 on the ship Thornton, and the ship manifest lists their surname as "Kielch."

The ship manifest shows their surname as "”Kielch." After crossing Iowa, the Keetches dropped out of the company at Florence. Alfred continued on to Utah in 1862 with his sister as part of the David Kimball Freight Train. He was a teamster in the William Henry Chipman Company in 1866 from the Tooele Ward.

More research is needed concerning Alfred's date of birth as census records are inconsistent. Date listed reflects family tradition secondary information and data from the 1900 Census. 

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Alfred Greenwood Keetch (1840 - 1925) Profile
Alfred Greenwood Keetch (1840 - 1925) Profile