Allen Taylor (1814 - 1891) Profile

Allen Taylor

Captain of Hundred, Fifth company in 1848. Many wagons in Young's 1848 company were being pulled by teams that were "on loan" from the Pottawattamie Saints. When the company reached the Sweetwater River, word was received that reinforcement teams were on their way from the Salt Lake Valley, so on 30 August, Allen Taylor was asked leave the company and return the borrowed teams to Winter Quarters so they could be used the following year as well.

His obituary says that "The deceased came out with President Brigham Young in 1848 as far as the upper crossing of the Sweetwater, and was captain of [a hundred in] the company.  He returned to the Bluffs and came to Utah with his own family the next year."

Allen was re-baptized at Salt Lake City on 9 June 1850.

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Allen Taylor (1814 - 1891) Profile
Allen Taylor (1814 - 1891) Profile