Amanda Williams (1835 - 1920) Profile

Amanda Williams

Although one of her obituaries suggests that she came to Utah in 1849, it is more likely that she traveled in 1850 along with the rest of her family members. 

Documentation and sources created during her lifetime (including Warren company records that show 10 people were in her family group and more than one document related to her brother Alma that shows the family traveled in 1850) support the probability that she traveled with her family to Utah in 1850. 

It has generally been believed that Amanda married Riley Clark in March 1850. However, her obituary states that she married him in March 1851, which is confirmed by handwritten notes by Andrew Jenson on a biographical sketch of Riley Clark. Documentation created during Amanda's lifetime proving the date of the marriage has not yet surfaced. Neither has it been confirmed in which year Riley reached Utah. 

Based on the documentation created during Amanda's lifetime (and not her obituary), she will be listed with her family in the Warren Foote company. 

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Amanda Williams (1835 - 1920) Profile
Amanda Williams (1835 - 1920) Profile