Ane Marie Andersen

Alternate Names
Ane Marie Rasmussen (Birth Name)
Birth Date
On 1839 June 4 (Born)
Death Date
On 1917 February 23 (Died)

Ane Marie married Mads Peter Jessen in Salt Lake City on 7 February 1858, proving that she arrived in Utah by 1857.  He died in 1862 and she married Mass Petersen in 1859.  On 23 February 1863 she married Jesse Jessen, who is the the brother of Mads Peter Jessen.  They were divorced on 4 January 1864 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.  

Her death certificate, shows her name as "Annie Jessen Anderson," and the inscription on her gravestone shows her as "Annie Jessen Andersen."  Other records also show her surname as "Andersen" of "Anderson," which may be the patronymic name of her father, Anders Rasmussen.  There is no record of her marriage to a man with that the surname of "Andersen/Anderson."

FamilySearch shows her as Anne Anderson, age 16 born about 1841), coming to America in 1857 on the ship Westmoreland with a woman by the name of Karen Andersen, age 62 (born about 1795).  We have not been able to determine if this individual is Ane Marie Andersen/Rasmussen.

Her death certificate shows that at the time of her death, she had lived in the state of Utah for 60 years, which would make the year of her arrival 1857.  Further research is needed to determine the name of the pioneer company with which she came to Utah.

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Ane Marie Rasmussen (1839 - 1917) Profile
Ane Marie Rasmussen (1839 - 1917) Profile