Ann Bardsley (1842 - 1892) Profile

Ann Bardsley

Birth Date
On 1842 November 24 (Born)
Death Date
On 1892 March 13 (Died)

Although they were first assigned to the B.S. Kimball, the Bardsley family was reassigned to the Antarctic and arrived in New York on 30 May 1863. Their mother died after arriving in the states. The children traveled across the plains in 1865. Their father, George Bardsley, made the trip alone a year later in 1866.

Her surname is "Baxon" on the 1870 Utah census and "Littley" on her burial and Find A Grave website.  She married James Littley, William Poxon, and William George Littley.

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Ann Bardsley (1842 - 1892) Profile
Ann Bardsley (1842 - 1892) Profile