Ann Brown

Alternate Names
Ann Rowley (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1827 March 22 (Born)
Death Date
On 1904 September 4 (Died)

Evidence from church financial records and the 1856 Utah Census proves that Ann Brown's husband George traveled to Utah in 1855. He may have traveled with the 1855 Hooper and Williams Freight Train. Further research is needed to confirm the name of the company he traveled with.

On 18 January, George left his family and sailed on the "Charles Buck" and arrived in New Orleans on 14 March 1855. 

On 23 April 1857, George left on a mission and eventually arrived in Wales where his wife and children eventually joined him.  Then, in 1859, George and his family left Liverpool on 11 April on the "William Tappscott."  They arrived in New York on 13 May 1859.  In Florence, Nebraska, George was appointed Captain of the George Rowley Company.  The family consisted of George and Ann Brown, and their children William Brown, Joseph Smith, and Alma.

Her birth and death dates are confirmed by her death certificate and the inscription on her gravestone.

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Ann Brown (1827 - 1904) Profile
Ann Brown (1827 - 1904) Profile