Ann Hughlings

Alternate Names
Ann Taylor (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1801 January 30 (Born)
Death Date
On 1846 October 26 (Died)

Ann Hughlings was born on 30 January 1801, in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom, the daughter of John and Ann (Williams) Hughlings. Ann married Solomon Pitchforth Jr on 3 October 1825, in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. They were the parents of at least 4 sons and 3 daughters. Solomon and his family moved to the Isle of Man where they owned a large inn.

After meeting the missionaries at the nearby wharf, the missionaries were invited to be guests at the inn. One of these missionaries was John Taylor. Solomon permitted them to hold their meetings in one of the parlors. Ann loved to play the piano. At one of the meetings, Elder Taylor and others worked with Ann to put the music to the words for the song Brother William Phelps had written, "The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning." Through music and lessons Ann and her son, Samuel became converted. Both were baptized in 1840. However, Solomon was never converted in this life and this soon became a problem for them. Ann's family was very unhappy with her for joining the church. Her son, Samuel was called on a mission at age 17. This provoked Solomon, Samuel's father to the extent that he was disowned by his father and thrust out of the house never to return again. This action was too much for her.

Ann left her husband Solomon Pitchforth, a hotelier of considerable means, and moved back to live with her father for a time but then immigrates to Nauvoo in either 1841 or 1843 with her children to be with the Saints. While in Nauvoo, Ann teaches Brigham Young and John Taylor's children how to play the piano. On the 30 January 1846, Ann is sealed to John Taylor for eternity. As the Saints are driven by mobs out west, she was among one of the last companies to leave. She and her family cross the Mississippi River on ice. Then she and her family push their hand cart across the plains to Council Bluffs, Iowa. The bitter cold weather and lack of food proves too much for Ann and she dies in Iowa in 1846, shortly after her sealing to John Taylor at the age of 46.

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Ann Hughlings (1801-1846) Profile
Ann Hughlings (1801-1846) Profile