Ann Kibbey

Alternate Names
Ann Willes (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1806 March 25 (Born)
Death Date
On 1877 December 21 (Died)

Ann initially traveled to the Salt Lake Valley without her husband, William Willes, and with five children, Fredrick George, Harriet Ann, Ann Sarah, William John, and John Kibbey.  They traveled in the Appleton M. Harmon Company in 1853.  Her Husband was serving a mission to India when she left for Salt Lake Valley.  Four years and two months after their parting, they were reunited when William arrived in Salt Lake on 20 October 1855, on the seventh anniversary of his baptism, according to his journal.

William traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the Milo Andrus Company in 1855.

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Ann Kibbey (1806 - 1877) Profile
Ann Kibbey (1806 - 1877) Profile