Anna Barbara Alder

Birth Date
On 1823 June 30 (Born)
Death Date
On 1862 July 26 (Died)

Anna Barbara Alder was born in Schonengrund, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland, the second child of Johann Konrad Alder and  his wife, Anna Barbara Rotach. Anna Barbara Alder was a very studious and noble woman and religiously inclined. She married Johannes or John Alder on 18 November 1849. John and Anna Barbara bought a mercantile business and it prospered being in the center of the city. They had two sons and a daughter. Anna Barbara and John joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 29 June 1849. Then came the test, because as soon as the people of their community discovered they had joined the church, they quit buying from their mercantile store and soon it forced them to sale their business. They decide to immigrate to the United States to join the Saints and after a time on the oceans they made their way to Winter Quarters, Nebraska, buying a good wagon and team. Anna Barbara gave birth to a baby girl after arriving in Winter Quarters but the baby died. The Alder family traveled to Salt Lake City with the William Budge Company arriving in October, 1860. Anna Barbara became ill and she died two years later in 1862 in Salt Lake City. Her given name is "Barbara" on the ship manifest and the death certificate.

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Anna Barbara Alder (1823 - 1862) Profile
Anna Barbara Alder (1823 - 1862) Profile