[Baby] Wilson

Birth Date
Circa 1856 (Born)
Death Date
Circa 1856 August 25 (Died)
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This child traveled with its mother, Mrs. Wilson, who is said to be from St. Louis. They traveled with the Martin Company as far as Cutler's Park. Col. Almon W. Babbitt entered the camp and the mother accepted his offer for quick passage to Salt Lake as her husband had gone to the valley the previous year. Babbitt's wagon train was attacked by Indians, the baby was killed and Mrs. Wilson was taken captive. It is thought she was also killed the same day. John Jaques and Patience Loader identify her as Mrs. Williams and baby who left with Babbitt. Patience Loader writes that they recognized her green bonnet at the massacre site. All other accounts of the incident (including John Jaques) names her as Mrs. Wilson. She is thought to possibly be Elizabeth Ramsey Small Wilson (born 14 July 1832), wife of Thomas Henry Wilson, who traveled in the Ballantyne Company of 1855. 

One source indicates that the baby was about 2 months old.

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