Betty Cooper (1826 - 1910) Profile

Betty Cooper

The British Mission Record (as seen in Mormon Migration) and the ship's passenger list all indicate that Betsy's husband James was with them on the overseas journey. However, his name does not appear on any of the overland company records. In fact, on those records, it is Betsy who is listed as head of household. James may have crossed the plains at another time, but he did not travel in this company with his family.

Betty, her children Mary, Sarah, and Emma came from England in 1864 on the ship General McClellan.  Her given name is "Betsy" on the 1864 ship manifest.

Her name is "Bettie Boothe" on the 1870 Utah census and "Booth" on the burial record and Find A Grave website.

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Betty Cooper (1826 - 1910) Profile
Betty Cooper (1826 - 1910) Profile