Carl Ludvig Ericson

Alternate Names
Carl Ludvig Ericzon (Alternate Name)
Birth Date
On 1826 July 28 (Born)
Death Date
On 1881 July 9 (Died)

Carl Ericson was a civil engineer from Sweden.  He sailed to America on the ship Colorado in July 1868. He also took a PEF loan that year. Upon his arrival at Salt Lake City in late 1868 Brigham Young sent him to Ogden to help lay out aroute for the Central Utah Rail Road. Further research is needed to locate him in a specific company. In some sources his surname is spelled "Erickson". Later family history suggests he left to go on the trail on August 14th, 1868 from Benton, WY, and arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on September 2, 1868. If those dates are accurate, that would place him in the Daniel D. McArthur company. However, one other company arrived the same day, the Simpson M. Molen company. 

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Carl Ludvig Ericson (1826 - 1881) Profile
Carl Ludvig Ericson (1826 - 1881) Profile
Carl Ludwig Ericson (1826 - 1881)
Carl Ludwig Ericson (1826 - 1881)