Catherine Felshaw (1845 - 1879) Profile

Catherine Felshaw

It is uncertain when Charlotte and her children traveled to Utah.  Her husband, William Felshaw came to Utah in 1851 with the John G. Smith pioneer company, but their names do not appear on that company's records with him.  Charlotte gave birth to Eleanor in October 1850 in Iowa, and she and her children appear in the 1850 Iowa census, which was taken 10 October 1850, so the earliest they could have departed for Utah is 1851.  The first documentation to place her in Utah is her divorce from William Felshaw on 24 May 1854.  This was prior to the arrival of that season's emigration, so she and her children would have arrived in Utah between 1851 and 1853. Further research is needed to determine the year they arrived in Utah and the name of the pioneer company with which they traveled.

Her birth date is taken from Centerville Ward records and confirmed by census records.

The 1850 Iowa census shows her surname as "Walter."

Catherine's death certificate shows her name as "Catherine Felshaw McBride.

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Catherine Felshaw (1845 - 1879) Profile
Catherine Felshaw (1845 - 1879) Profile