Chaney, sometimes called "Chancey," was an African American woman enslaved by John Hardison Redd and Elizabeth Hancock Redd.

She was the mother of Amy and Marinda. 

She appears in the 1856 census in the home of John Redd. Here name on that record is "Cheney."

It has been suggested on FamilySearch that she is the same woman and Chaney who was enslaved by the Redd family. However, the documentation for Chauncy Cunningham does not completely support this idea. Chaney was in Utah with the Redd family before the Cunningham family came to the territory. The Cunninghams had an enslaved white woman in their residence in Texas in 1860, after Chaney had already reached the Salt Lake Valley. If the Cunninghams brought with them to Utah an enslaved woman, it could not have been the same woman as Chaney. If they did not, and Chaney is the same woman as Chauncy, it means that she was sold buy the Redds to the Cunninghams after the Cunninghams reached Utah between 1861 and 1864. More research is needed to verify if Chaney and Chauncy Cunningham are indeed the same person.

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