Charles Hopkins Karren

Birth Date
On 1849 April 25 (Born)
Death Date
On 1929 March 11 (Died)

Evidence from census and newspaper records proves the Karren family traveled to Utah in 1850. They appear in both the 1850 Utah and Iowa censuses, but many Mormon names appear in the 1850 Iowa census for people who weren't actually there at the time the census was taken. It was a not uncommon practice for states to inflate their population in order to achieve statehood. The Karren family was in Iowa in early 1850, but left for Utah months before the Iowa census was taken. In the 1850 Iowa census the surname is spelled "Borron" while on the 1850 Utah census it is spelled "Rowen."

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Charles Hopkins Karren (1849 - 1929) Profile
Charles Hopkins Karren (1849 - 1929) Profile