Christian Sorensen Christoffersen

Christian was from Zealand, Denmark.  According to his father Soren Christoffersen's writings, Christian's father was greatly determined to go to America, but his mother, Ane Nielsen, strongly opposed to it.  Soren tried to persuade his wife for four years to go to America.  They eventually divided up their five sons and their property.  The judge decided to divide the children by their age, and Christian along with his brother Hans Soren, were placed with their father.

In 1856, the three of them left Denmark to join with the Saints.  They traveled on the "John J. Boyd" and left Liverpool on 12 December 1855.  The ship manifest shows their surname as "Christopherson." During their voyage, his brother Hans Sorensen died of measles.

Christian and his father traveled to the Salt Lake Valley in the Canute Peterson Company in 1856.

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