Christiane Marie Jacobsen (1816 - 1904) Profile

Christiane Marie Jacobsen

She came on the ship, Monarch of the Sea in 1861. She came with her children: Inger Marie Jensen, Lene Martin Jensen, Jacob Laurits Jensen, Jens Jensen, and Mathilde Madsen. She gave birth to her son, Christian Madsen Christensen, on the ship. An older daughter, Jensine "Sene" Christine Jensen, traveled to Utah with the John R. Murdock Company (1862). Another daughter, Kirsten Marie Jensen (Jensdatter), died in Florence, Nebraska in 1862. Two other daughters, Anne Luise and Lise, also made their way to Utah at some point, although it has not been determined whether Christiane traveled with her oldest three daughters.

Christiane is listed as "Christine Jacobsen" on the ship's roster.

Christiane was a widow at the time she traveled to Utah. Mathilde and Christian Madsen appear to be from a relationship she had after her husband died but before she came to Utah. The father of these children is Mads Christen Thygesen. He and Christiane were never married. Christiane married Soren Christian Christensen in 1866 in Salt Lake City.

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Christiane Marie Jacobsen (1816 - 1904) Profile
Christiane Marie Jacobsen (1816 - 1904) Profile