Daniel Coon Davis

Alternate Names
Birth Date
1804 February 23
Death Date
1850 June 1

This person is only a possible match for the missionary listed as ____ Davis on CR 100 160, 1848:53 Birth date and place for Daniel Coon Davis are found in LDSBE Vol 4:741 and FS. Daniel Coon Davis is one of several that could be this man. He and several others had just returned from California.

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Born in Petersburg, Rensselaer, New York

1804 February 23


1839 (Age 34)

Served in California Mission

1848 November 26 (Age 44) See Missionaries
Mission Type
Marital Status
Priesthood Office
Residence When Called
Farrmington, Davis, Utah
Additional Notes

No first name given in Journal History Missionaries, approximately 20 brethren were called to labor in bay of California. At least 14 of these men had been members of the Mormon Battalion. Daniel C. Davis, Eleazer Davis, James Davis, Sterling Davis & Walter W. Davis were named on the roster of these members. According to biographical sketches on "Memories" tab of Daniel Coon Davis, LKVY-5D3, he served in the Mormon Battalion


1850 June 1 (Age 46)
Daniel Coon Davis (1804 - 1850) Profile