Hans Daniel Hanson

Alternate Names
Dan (Alternate Name)
Birth Date
1871 February 27
Death Date
1935 October 7

Baptism Date per Family Search.

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Born in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

1871 February 27
Lena Jenson
M A Hanson

Baptized by J C Jenson

1879 June 22 (Age 8)

Married Clara Ann Kirkman

1897 September 29 (Age 26)

Served in Hawaiian Mission

1898 October–1899 January (Age 27) See Missionaries
Marital Status
Priesthood Office
Residence When Called
Elsinore, Sevier, Utah, United States
Set Apart By
S B Young
Additional Notes

Arrive in Field/Depart from Field Date(s) per Hawaiian Mission Index, 1850-1930.

He was given permission by the First Presidency to return home to "look after" his business; and was released upon his return, until such time he would be in a position to return.


Arrived in Field

1898 October 29 (Age 27)


1935 October 7 (Age 64)